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AbeBooks may have this title (opens in new window). PART 1 Introduction 1 The history of English, language and literacy 2 Theories of Learning PART II Reading 3 The development of reading 4 Children's Literature 5 Working with children read 7 Phonics 8 Routines for reading 9 Reading recovery
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If your child is just starting to read or still seems unsure, review the alphabet and letter sounds. Next, look at short CVC consonant-vowel-consonant words top, cat, fog and so on and have your child break them apart into their individual sounds. Talk or play games about letter sounds for fewer than 5 minutes a day.

While driving, give your child some 2 letter words and 3 letter words to spell like see, look, up, go. Keep the activities fun and light so kids can enjoy a quick challenge and get a boost of confidence from practicing one skill a day. Remember, we want children to develop a love of reading, so focus on reading the books they enjoy over and over again. The goal of reading is to understand the story; phonics will help kids sound out words quickly to comprehend what they read. What sound does each letter make in this word on the cereal box? Start by making sure your child knows every upper- and lowercase letter in the alphabet.

Find the letters in natural settings, like on a poster at the movie theatre. Ask if your child can say the letter name and letter sound they see. What letter does it start with? Did you hear the mmmm sound?

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Children are naturally curious about the print they see all around them, so use it as a meaningful teachable moment. Phonics is the practice so you can read on your own! Use a stick to trace letters in dirt or sand. Draw a simple ladder of two long lines and four rungs on a piece of paper. See how high your ladder will reach!

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Explain to your child that sometimes two letters will stand together to create one new sound. Th is can be confusing for kids, so make sure to write an example word and use gestures to help them remember the new letter combination. Write three letters on a piece of scrap paper: for example b, n, and t. Have your child say each letter and its sound. Make it a game by saying they get one point for each word they get right. Shipped with Media Mail.

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See photos for contents and condition. Cassettes very good, rewound and ready for learning. The rest is complete. No notes to books.

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Discs included. Hooked on Phonics Kindergarten-. Picture provided of kit piece is originally from. Kit not included. Letter cards are in gently used condition. Helper Words and Word Play cards are new, sealed. Replacement Part. White "Read out loud" flash cards. From Hooked on Phonics to It will not work with subsequent later programs. Red flash cards. Minimal writing in books.

Does not include ring for the flashcards unsealed, but complete set. Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read Level 5. Does not include rings for the flashcards.

Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read Level 4. You will receive everything you see on the photos. The lot includes the two sets of cards as shown in the photos. Good condition. The lot includes: Yellow 1 and Yellow 2. Make it a game by saying they get one point for each word they get right.

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See if they can earn five points. A blend is when two letters come together to help words begin. Demonstrate this concept by blending together two flavors in a smoothie, like strawberry and banana. Give your child a piece of paper with one blend written on it. Have them say the sound the blend makes. Give your child a bag and give them five minutes to find objects that start with the blend on the paper. Give clues or suggestions to identify objects.

When time is up review the objects and give a point for each item found. Have your child teach a neighbor or friend for the next round. Your child might want to read the same story every night. Try to stay excited about reading by being enthusiastic. Remember to point to words as you read and enunciate the different sounds in words. This will make your child a stronger, faster and more fluent reader.

Starfall Phonics Activities. Read Write Think — Construct a Word. First Grade. First Grade Reading Skills Phonics. Connection to Reading. See It.


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